Our Genie is here to give you a full-on full bath!

Low water pressure and an underperforming shower system can lead to a half bathing experience.

To fix all your half bath problems, we bring to you our Genie Hand Shower! Thanks to Genie, you can now bring back full baths, just the way they were supposed to be. With this hand shower, it's like holding a Genie in your hand that's ready to fulfil your full bath wishes.

A Shower So Good,
It Can Help Children
Live Healthier Lives.

Help provide children access to clean water and basic sanitation and hygiene with every purchase of a GENIE Hand Shower at the American Standard Shower for Good benefit sale. 100% of the proceeds will fund the UNICEF India WASH program.

Know More

Why are Genie Hand Showers so special?

  • WORKS AT LOW PRESSURE Robust shower pressure yet gentle on your skin
  • PETAL PRESSURE Robust shower pressure yet gentle on your skin
  • EASY CLEAN Designed with a removable back cover for easy removal of limescale, mold or dirt in the hand shower
  • WATER SAVING Increases shower pressure without increasing the volume of water
  • DO-IT-YOURSELF No need to rely on anyone for its installation but yourself
  • COOL DESIGN Housed in a modern yet simple design
  • TRENDY COLORS Available in three colours: Aquamarine, Petal Pink, and Steel Grey